Regular Process Service

Our normal service includes document pick-up (or email), at least three attempts to serve an individual provided we have an accurate address, and a notarized return of service. If documents are longer than 25 pages, we charge $0.32 per additional page. We will notify you as soon as the service is completed. We have a reputation of being assertive and skilled at finding and serving individuals. Generally we will attempt the first service within 48 hours.

      Rush Service

We are happy to quote you a special fee for rush jobs based on the area and the time frame. If you need same day or next day service either in Albuquerque or other New Mexico cities or towns, we will let you know our availability and the fee.

    Avoiding Service

For individuals avoiding service, we will make every attempt up to three tries to serve them. We have the ability to skip trace addresses and investigate other addresses for an additional fee. It is our goal to help our clients know when an individual is avoiding service.

Process Services