Skip Tracing is the process of locating a person's whereabouts for any number of reasons. The more information that you obtain from an individual when you are conducting business with them will make our job easier when we are trying to locate them for you. The price you are charged to locate an individual will depend on how much information you have obtained from them which will help us in locating them.

In this day and age of Social Media it is very important that when you ask for references, you should ensure that you obtain verifiable information when you are entrusting someone with a loan, rental, etc. Duke City Process Service, Inc. has an excellent record of finding individuals who do not want to be found. Prices for Skip Tracing can vary depending on what information you can provide us with on the individual. It may take some time but we'll find them.

Rates vary from $60 an hour to an agreed capped fee depending on what information you can provide us with. Please call and discuss the price with us as you may be very pleased with the results.

I have a rule of thumb for you to use when determining whether the price to find someone is beneficial or not, usually the price should not exceed 1/4 of the amount you are seeking to recover; however, my formula should not preclude you from calling and negotiating a price for a capped fee.